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43 clients, 20 brands, 94 sites, 100 logos
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Aureum Digital was born with the mission to make a better world, change society and have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people. We want to be better every day. We want to contribute something rather than subtracting the world. For us money is a means and not an end.

Our Crew

We are a full service media agency from the heart of London. We create perfect experiences, vibrant applications, outstanding websites and creative concepts.

Jose Luis Ugia
Jose Luis Ugia

Jose Luis Ugia

The Brain
Entrepreneur by default. Sports, arts and beer lover.
Consecrated wunderkind @ 6Wunderkinder.
Co-founder @ Momenta
Javi Cebrian
Javi Cebrian

Javi Cebrian

The Muscle
Young Padawan, Jedi apprentice.
Following the path of the Force, tempted by the Dark Side.
Co-founder of Extreamr

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